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Our 2015 International Colonials at the Boston Celtics Training Center

The International Colonials
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Connecticut - Maine - Massachusetts - New Hampshire - Rhode Island - Vermont

"The 2017 International Colonials tour was the most amazing basketball experience that I have ever had. Getting to know a lot of new people from all over the world is just wonderful. All the people I met are so nice!"
- Tom Ackermans 2017
Eindhoven, the Netherlands

"I think the New England tour made me a better player. We played a lot of games and the level of competition was high which improved me as a player. I really liked the fact that I met players and coaches from different countries and cultures. My host families were very friendly and generous. It was a wonderful experience!"
- Marios Tsellos '16

"This tour was one of the best things I’ve done in my life! It helped me to improve my skills on the court. Now I can call so many new people my friends. Your teammates become brothers and your hosts become family. The International Colonials’ New England tour was an awesome experience!."
Benedikt Haid '15
Innsbruck, Austria

"The International Colonials is a once in a lifetime experience for players who want to improve as a player and as a person and to see more of the world in just four weeks. Four weeks that will last a lifetime, through memories and friends.."
- Martin Neary '14
Dublin, Ireland

"It was must experience it to believe it."
- Alberto Navarini '13
Milan, Italy

"It was a wonderful summer! I had great teammates, learned so much and developed new basketball skills from very good coaches."
- Robert Glöckner '13
Berlin, Germany

"I can't explain this amazing experience. I learned so much on and off the court and I made so many new friends - I loved it!"
- Lenni Burgemeister '13
Klosterneuburg, Austria

"It was incredible playing with such great teammates for three weeks against such good teams. I could not believe how welcome I was made to feel all around New England by my host families and the teams we played against. The hosting is what separates this from any other basketball I have ever experienced."
- Fraser Malcolm, '12
Falkirk, Scotland

"The International Colonials tour is an experience I will never forget. It helped me learn lessons for basketball, but also helped me learn some life lessons because of the stories players, coaches and hosts shared with me. It made me stronger as a basketball player and it made me stronger as a person."
- Niklas Ney, '12
Berlin, Germany

"A great experience! I really enjoyed being with my hosts and the basketball experience was invaluable towards my future."

-Vince Van Nes '09
Dorset, England

"This tour really is something special; it is something that money couldn't buy, truly the trip of a lifetime. In addition to successfully improving my basketball and giving me an insight into what I need to work on for the fall, I think I have grown as a person and I am very grateful for that."

-Cathal Finn '08 & '09
Oranmore, Ireland

"This tour was an amazing experience and it's a great opportunity for young players. It was absolutely wonderful."

- Otto Henrik Michelsen '08 & '10

"What a great tour! I would like to jump into a time machine to repeat and repeat this amazing experience."

- Alexander Rosenthal '06
VfB Hermsdorf Berlin, Germany

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The 2018 International Colonials
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(L-R):Former Colonials player Carlos Nunez, Levon, Armenia; Kieran, Scotland; Sander, the Netherlands; Rokas, Lithuania; Jordan, Scotland; Leonidas, Greece; Iacopo, Italy; Tom, England; Karl Gustav, Estonia; Nikola, Czech Republic; Filip, Poland.

The 2017 International Colonials
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Front (L-R): Janis Skramans, Latvia; Markas Uzukauskas, Lithuania; Jan Becker, Germany and Arnar Geir Lindal, Iceland.

Rear (L-R): Jaan Erik Lepp, Estonia; Daniel Russell, Ireland; Stasiu Helinski, Poland; Soren-Eyke Urbansky, Germany; Alvar Michelsen, Finland; Tomas Silva, Portugal; Tom Ackermans, the Netherlands.

The 2016 International Colonials
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Front (L-R): Matas Spokas, Lithuania; Alejandro Mendez, Spain; Vinicius De Franca, Brazil; Martins Bulans, Latvia; Marios Tsellos, Greece.

Rear (L-R): Coach Rychard de Jong, the Netherlands; Koen Sapwell, Australia; Piotr Karpacz, Poland; Kenan Sarvan, the Netherlands; Alvar Michelsen, Finland; Sigmar Johann Bjarnason, Iceland; Christoph Leydolf, Austria; Coach George Beard, England.

The 2015 International Colonials
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Front (L-R): Benedikt Haid, Innsbruck, Austria; Amsal Turkmanovic, Podgorica, Montenegro; Sam Van Oostrum, Sheffield, England; Filippo Rossi, Milan, Italy; Radostin Papazov, Veliko Tarnova, Bulgaria.

Rear (L-R): Joseph Rouse, Portsmouth, England; Emils Enkuzens, Riga, Latvia; Justinas Marcinkevicius, Kaunas, Lithuania; Blazej Orpel, Katowice, Poland; Timon Jurisic, Halsteren, the Netherlands; Oscar Hjelde, Bergen, Norway; Coach George Beard, Liss, England.

The 2014 International Colonials
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Front (L-R): Carlo Fumagalli, Milan, Italy; Douglas McAllister,* Coppet, Switzerland; Cameron Harris, Aberdeen, Scotland; Amedeo Casale, Bucharest, Romania; Victor Egon Mijas,*Sao Paulo, Brazil; Dominykas Tucis, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Rear (L-R): Nemanja Aleksic, Belgrade, Serbia; Pim Vriends, Etten-Leur, the Netherlands; Martin Neary, Dublin, Ireland; Aldin Avdic, Vienna, Austria; Gustavs Treimanis, Riga, Latvia; Coach Rychard de Jong, The Hague, the Netherlands.


The 2013 International Colonials
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Front (L-R):
Alberto Navarini, Milan, Italy; Aleksandar Tomovic, Belgrade, Serbia; Emilis Kuzabavicius, Kaunas, Lithuania; Lenni Burgemeister, Klosterneuburg, Austria; Victor Egon Mijas, Sao Paulo, Brazil and Coach Rychard de Jong, Den Haag, the Netherlands.

Rear (L-R):
Coach Matts Urnberg, Vantaa, Finland; Elvijs Dobelnieks*, Riga, Latvia; Felix Carlsson, Angelholm, Sweden; Robert Glöckner, Berlin, Germany; Girts Lazdans, Riga, Latvia; Atze Waalkens, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.


The 2012 International Colonials
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Front (L-R):
Karl Gustav Soo, Rapla, Estonia; Fraser Malcolm, Falkirk, Scotland; Caius Gabriel Covrig, Bucharest, Romania; Anton McDonnell, Dublin, Ireland (co-captain); Medas Kuprijanovas, Kedainiai, Lithuania; Coach Rychard de Jong, Den Haag, the Netherlands.

Rear (L-R):
George Beard, Liss, England (co-captain); Jussi Markkanen, Vantaa, Finland; Niklas Ney, Berlin, Germany; Sergi Llufriu Arcos, Mahon, Spain; Casper Hoenselaars, Halsteren, the Netherlands; Michal Nepokoj, Kosmonosy, Czech Republic.

The 2011 International Colonials
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Front (L-R): Philip Curran, Dublin, Ireland; George Brownell, Sheffield, England; Oliver Sturm, Baden, Austria; Johan Reimer, Lund, Sweden (co-captain); Kenno Kokk, Rapla, Estonia; Jekabs Grinbergs, Riga, Latvia.

Rear (L-R): Coach Max Graf, Baden, Austria; Johannes Heisig, Hamburg, Germany; Ben Chok, Cumbernauld, Scotland; Bernt Waalkens, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands (co-captain); Matts Urnberg, Vantaa, Finland; Coach Ingmar Snabilie, Nieuwegein, the Netherlands.

The 2010 International Colonials

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L-R: Coach Max Graf, Austria; Markus Strohmayer, Vienna, Austria; Chuck Duru, England and Nigeria; Otto Michelsen (captain), Helsinki, Finland; Paul Caffrey, Dublin, Ireland; Lucas Wilke, Berlin, Germany; Ott Krusell, Rapla, Estonia; Darren Leitch, Bonnybridge, Scotland; Michal Steinhauser, Prague, Czech Republic; Kosta Djordjevic, Belgrade, Serbia; Joshua McGinn, Manchester, England; Coach Florian Duck, Austria.

The 2009 International Colonials
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Front (L-R):Cathal Finn #11; Oranmore, Ireland, Team Captain; Liam Conroy #21;Galway, Ireland; Konsta Houvinen #12; Helsinki, Finland; Jakob Klima #5; Vienna, Austria; Martin Limberg #10; Rapla, Estonia; Vincent Van Nes #33; Dorchester, England; Aleksej Rostov #31; Riga, Latvia; Calum Bryson #20; Glasgow, Scotland; Ongjen Rebic #30; Belgrade, Serbia; Keelan Cairns #50; Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Inside Center: Coach Florian Duck '07; Baden, Austria

The 2008 International Colonials
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Front (L-R):Nigel van Oostrum, England and The Netherlands; Philipp Heisig, Germany; Jens Thijs, Belgium; Otto Michelsen, Finland; Cathal Finn, Ireland.

Rear (L-R): Coach David Harder, Denmark; Janar Soo, Estonia; Mladen Nikolic, Serbia; Martins Alksnis, Latvia; David Mastny, captain, Czech Republic; Will Hall, England; Paul Dick, Northern Ireland, Head Coach Peter Boyle, Vermont.

The 2007 International Colonials
July 10, 2007 at York High School in Maine
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Rear L-R: David Mastny´, Prague, Czech Republic; Nico Adamczak, Berlin, Germany; Captain Daniel Gustafsson, Lund, Sweden; Coach David Harder, Copenhagen, Denmark; Martin Milling, Rapla, Estonia; Jonathan Petit, Glasgow, Scotland; Euan Glass, Erskine, Scotland

Front L-R: Anton Ahlman, Bjarred, Sweden; Florian Duck, Baden, Austria; Jack Stannard, Ashford, England; Juhani Jämsä
, Hyvinkää, Finland

International Colonials 
New England Tour Summer 2018

2018 International Colonials at North Attleboro High School

The New England Colonials International Basketball Club is proud to sponsor the International Colonials. This unique team brings together ten players (ages 16-18) from ten countries around the world each summer for a challenging two-week basketball tour of New England.

International Colonials players will have several team practice sessions before touring New England for games against good high school and AAU teams. Players will be hosted by caring New England families throughout the summer. Most games are in the evening with days free for a wide range of social, recreational, and cultural activities. Special clinics and practices with outstanding New England basketball coaches are also scheduled throughout the tour.

International Colonials players will arrive in Boston in late June and will return home by mid-July. Exact travel dates for the New England Tour will be set by January. All applicants must be highly recommended by their club or school coach. Applicants must be highly recommended by their club or school coaches and must be capable of handling a demanding 10-12 game schedule against good competition. Players will be responsible for their round-trip airfare and a modest team fee. Financial aid and fundraising assistance are available for players in need.

Please contact us at for additional information about any aspect of our International Colonials program. Applications will be available in October.

Our 2015 International Colonials at Gillette Stadium

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Hosting an International Colonials' Player: Summer 2018

Families throughout New England are invited to contact us about summer hosting for our international teams and players. Generally, our host families provide 3-5 days of hosting.

Our Our 2017 International Colonials at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro

Welcoming the International Colonials to your community is a great way to involve local clubs, players, and families in the excitement and fun of international basketball. We would be pleased to discuss with you how you can arrange to bring our International Colonials to your community next summer.

Call us at 508-734-5660 or send an email

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The 2011 International Colonials
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Bernt Waalkens, 17, of the Netherlands receives the MVP Award for his outstanding play against
the Vermont Senior All-Stars on July 2 in Burlington.

L-R: Coach Max Graf, Bernt, Coach Ingmar Snabilie, Coach Peter Boyle.

The 2012 International Colonials
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Becoming a smarter player can happen off the court...

The 2013 International Colonials
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... but it's not all about basketball.

The 2006 International Colonials
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L-R (rear): Matus Kuchalik, Poprad, Slovakia; Alexander Rosenthal, Berlin, Germany; Daniel Gustafsson, Lund, Sweden; Coach Richard Lawless; Max Graf, captain, Traiskirchen, Austria; Koen van Gerwen, Valkenswaard, the Netherlands; David Harder, player/coach, Copenhagen, Denmark.

L-R (front): Sean Kilmartin, Dublin, Ireland; Luke Dick, Belfast, Northern Ireland; Christian Bach Esdorf, Copenhagen, Denmark.

The 2005 International Colonials
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(L-R): Ben Loughrey Belfast, Northern Ireland; Jamie Davies Plymouth, England; Max Graf Vienna, Austria; Dick Lawless Head Coach; Michael Acutt Durban, South Africa; Jorgen Skaug Aukland Oslo, Norway; Mads Jensen Assistant Coach Copenhagen, Denmark; Chris Cleary Glasgow, Scotland; David Harder, Captain Copenhagen, Denmark; Jan Moravek Prague, Czech Republic; Peter Finn Oranmore, Ireland; and Lucas Barbosa Malmo, Sweden.
The 2004 International Colonials
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(L-R): Teemu Rintala, Helsinki, Finland; Neil Fraser, Glasgow, Scotland; Mads Jensen*, Copenhagen, Denmark; Daniel Taylor, Plymouth, England; Daniil But, St. Petersburg, Russia; Courtney Van-Beest, London, England; Coach Richard Lawless; Eric Wullenbäcker, Berlin, Germany; David Harder, Copenhagen, Denmark; Martin Mastný, Prague, Czech Republic; Patrick Mullan, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The 2005 International Colonials
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'05 IntCols with Providence College Head Coach Tim Welsh.
URI Champs
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University of Rhode Island men's basketball head coach Jim Baron with the International Colonials after the team went 9-2 to win the URI Team Camp championship on June 27.
Lawless Award 2005

The 2005 Lawless Leadership Award was presented to David Harder of Copenhagen, Denmark.

David Harder (left), a member of the '04, '05. and '06 International Colonials, accepts a recognition award for his outstanding contributions to the program. Presenting the award to David at his SISU basketball club's game in Copenhagen on November 26, is Jerome Baltzersen, a member of our first International Colonials team in 2000.
The 2003 International Colonials
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2003 Ambassador team

Front (L-R): Anton Reiderstedt, Sodertalje, Sweden; Daniel Raymen, London, England; Richard Cahill, Dublin, Ireland.

Rear (L-R): Coach Richard Lawless; Mads Jensen, Copenhagen, Denmark; Lukas Sallomon, Vienna, Austria; Matt Marshall, London, England; Tom Lidén, Sodertalje, Sweden; Pavel Tesarik, Zlin, Czech Republic; Charlie Rees*, Birmingham, England; Gerrit Persy, Berlin, Germany; Michael McKillop, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

2002 International Colonials
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2002 international colonials

(L-R) Konstantin Lange (Captain), Berlin, Germany; Oystein Skaug Aukland, Oslo, Norway; Spencer Staggs, Colonials Varsity Head Coach; Florian Schilling, Vienna, Austria; Daniel Vorbeck, Copenhagen, Denmark; Robert McTernaghan and Chris Smye, Belfast, Northern Ireland; Charlie Rees, Birmingham, England; Kevin Treacy, Belfast, Northern Ireland; Michal Kalicher and Andrej Vukotic, Prague, Czech Republic; Benedikt Danek, Vienna, Austria.
The 2001 International Colonials
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2001 international colonials.

L-R Jerome Baltzersen, Denmark; Robert Newman, Owain Martin, Niall Mellan, Northern Ireland; Oystein Aukland, Norway; Steve Gibbs, director of Hoop Mountain Camp; Mogomutsi Ntladi, South Africa; Claus Bach, Denmark; Rob Grant, Ireland; Nicholas Kjaerholt, Denmark; Ntsiki Mzibomvu, South Africa.

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